I am new to this process?

Going to the wholesalers to look for the perfect stone can be so overwhelming! Here at 5280 Stone we want to make sure you pick the perfect stone during the process without feeling rushed or pressured to choose a product. We pride ourselves on ensuring this process is one you will enjoy from start to finish from scheduling your appointment, reviewing stones in our slab yard, and walking through our showroom to ensure what you choose is something you will enjoy for the lifetime of the home! Email us or give us a call to get started today! info@5280stone.com OR 303-450-3064

Where should I go?

There are wholesalers reaching from Northern Colorado to Aurora. Click one of the links below to view inventory on their website to help you narrow your selection before making the trip. If you are interested in the 5280 Stone Co. Stock Material or remnants we encourage you to set an appointment with our sales staff at our Fredrick slab yard. Our sales staff can also meet you at the wholesalers if you desire. CAMBRIA ARIZONA TILE STONE COLLECTION MS INTERNATIONAL FRANCINI MARBLE AND GRANITE COLORADO STONE IMPORTS GRANITE IMPORTS ARCHITECTURAL SURFACES FRANCINI MARBLE AND GRANITE DORADO SURFACES

What should I do if I see a product I like?

It can be frustrating looking at all of the materials because it may not be available even though it is in the showroom or slab yard. If you see a color you like, you need to write down the name (if you write down the number on the floor or on the side of the slab – it will help to be more specific). You will need to ask the staff to see if there are slabs available in that color (It is helpful to know the sizes you need from your fabricator to ensure your slab is large enough). If there are slabs available you will need to ask to pull them for you to view.

How do I inspect slabs?

It is important to know that 5280 Stone, The Fabricator, does not work on the surface of the slab unless specified. It is our job to cut the materials and fabricate the edge detail before installing. When the stone is cut out of the ground it is surface polished with a large machine and any cracks (fissures) or holes will be filled with epoxy (also known as “fill”). They try to match the coloring as close as possible to the stone but sometimes it is very noticeable. Unless you are looking for it or someone points it out, you may not see it. After the slabs are pulled for you to view, feel free to touch, feel and to really look over your materials. Sometimes there can be small areas that can be avoided when cutting and other times there is not a good way to avoid it. All materials can contain Epoxy fill, it is just important to look it over and be aware of it.

I have inspected my slabs. What do I do next?

You will place materials on hold under 5280 Stone and your name. It is important to contact us so that we can revise your estimate if needed and begin the contract process. 5280 Stone requires a signed contract and a 50% deposit to order your materials. The wholesaler will only hold materials for a certain period of time and if not ordered they will put them back into their inventory.