How do I decide whether to choose Granite or Man Made Quartz?


Typically we say go with what you like aesthetically for you project. Both granite and man made quartz are excellent choices for you counters, however there are some differences between the two that might help you make your decision.


Granite is a natural stone harvested from quarries around the world.Most granites are relatively nonporous (about 10% porosity, however since it is a natural product, each stone will be different.Granite does have to be sealed, but contrary to popular belief, sealing granite counters is very easy (please see our section on “How to seal your granite counters”). Most granite counters only need to be sealed once a year. We will need to add a section on how to seal your granite counters maybe just a link to a video.Granite has a higher heat tolerance than man made quartz. Granite typically has a heat tolerance between 480 degrees Fahrenheit to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Although its always recommended to use a hot plate to protect your counters from hot pans and pots, granite can easily handle higher temperatures.Beauty- Granites are natural and therefore can have great variations in color and composition. Each slab of granite is unique making it truly a work of art.Repairs – Granite is much easier to repair than man made stone. Due to the color variations in granite, our technicians can use various epoxies combined with stone to replicate the natural surface of your counter. Most minor chips and crack can be fixed in your home within a couple of hours.Price – Granite has a wide range of pricing, but typically granite counters start at $50 a square foot installed and can grow to as much as $300 a square foot or higher. Pricing can be determined based on the materials


Manmade quartz counters are produced in various factories around the world. This includes products such as Caesarstone, Cambria, Della Terra, Lg Haus and many others.There are thousand of color options through various manufacturers, and most manufactures offer a limited warranty on their product.Manmade quartz is made up of approximately 10% resin and 90% crushed quartzite.Manmade quartz is very strong and therefore hard to break.Although manmade quart is hard to break it is also hard to repair if broken. Because manmade quartz is made with specific resins, it is hard to duplicated the surface color and texture that was created in the factory. Manmade counter have a heat tolerance of 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore it is always recommended that a hot plate is used under a hot surface, this include appliances such as crockpots.Manmade quartz is impervious, this is the number one selling point of man made counters. Although they can be temporarily stained, most stains are surface born and can be easily removed. See our section on “How to clean your manmade quartz counters” We will need to add a section on clean your manmade counters

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