Four Benefits of Installing Quartz Countertops

If you want to achieve the stunning kitchen of your dreams, there’s no better way than by installing quartz countertops. Not only are they versatile and beautiful, but they also come with several benefits you may not have realized! At 5280 Stone, we’re the premier quartz fabricators in Denver. Read on as we share the benefits of installing quartz countertops, then contact us for a quote today on your kitchen project.

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Low-Maintenance and Easy To Clean

Spills and messes happen — they’re just part of life. Fortunately, quartz countertops make cleanup a breeze. They don’t require any scrubbing because you can simply use your favorite household cleaner to wipe up any messes. Quartz is a favorite among our Denver stone stock because it makes chores less hassle!

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Countless Colors and Patterns

No matter what type of style you’re going for in your kitchen, it’s easy to find quartz countertops that match. That’s because quartz is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns. From browns and grays to pinks and greens, there’s an option for every taste. You can even find quartz with veining similar to marble for a luxurious look!

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Durable, Long-Lasting Surface

If you’re active in the kitchen, you need countertops that last. Quartz countertops are a fine choice! They’re highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains, so there isn’t a better option on the market. Unlike other stone stock, such as granite or marble, quartz will continue to look as good as it did on the day you installed it for years.

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Nonporous and Sanitary

One of the most beloved benefits of quartz countertops is the fact that they are nonporous. This means they lack pores and won’t absorb liquids, messes, or other substances. Not only does this contribute to them being durable and easy to clean, but it keeps them more sanitary, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Quartz countertops are the best decision you could make for your Denver kitchen, so contact 5280 Stone to start your project today!

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